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Image by Timo Volz

Showcase Taiwan to the World

Premium Tungsten Carbide、Made in Taiwan

MIT Quality Goods

  • Professional Ultra Tungsten Carbide

  • 40 Years of Production Experience

  • 100% Taiwan Made

  • Advanced Production Facilities

Superb Innovation

  • Industry-University-Institute Alliance

  • Domestic and Overseas Patents

  • Innovative R&D of Complex Alloys

  • Core Industrial Technologies

Precision Customization

  • Round-the-Clock Production

  • SOP

  • Precision Inspection and Control

  • ​Quality and Speedy Service

Rooted in Taiwan, Based in the World

Since 1975, Taiwanalloy has been engaged in the tungsten carbide industry as a sole proprietorship in Taiwan.
Starting from the sintering of tungsten carbide, It has gradually built up a consistent manufacturing capability from raw material preparation to molding and processing, and has developed leading-edge mature technology to meet the diversified needs of the industrial field. Therefore, Taiwanalloy was established to let the world see the progress of Taiwan's industrial technology and to continue to work for a better future for the nation.




Refinement, Bravery and Stamina

Taiwanalloy is committed to the spirit of entrepreneurship and is undaunted by difficulties and challenges to enhance its expertise in tungsten carbide. It cooperates with universities to develop new technologies, and studies the application of tungsten steel products and customer needs to form an effective link between production and sales services. "There is no best, only better" is the entrepreneurial spirit of Taiwanalloy.

Nurturing Talents for the Future

Taiwanalloy is dedicated to corporate social responsibility and provides support to related departments at universities/colleges in teaching and research with practical experience and resources, in order to cultivate the future talents of the nation and hope for better R&D results in the research of tungsten carbide materials. The company encourages its employees to pursue further education and creates a lifelong learning blueprint for each of its employees.





Prosperity and Sustainability

In the future, Taiwanalloy will make good use of the resources of industry, government and academia to actively cooperate in developing advanced tungsten carbide alloy core technologies, planning personnel training, and refining equipment, so as to increase production capacity and boost the international competitiveness of the national metal industry.


Customized Products

According to customers’ demands to manufacture products ,and the standard of external diameter could up 250mm.


Manufacturing Equipment

The materials are choosed for sandblasting because they are with high hardness.


Inspection Instrument

Blanks are the material mostly to apply to electronic tools or nonstandards dies.(The process for manufacturing Blanks are needed HIP and CIP)

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