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Taiwanalloy started the production of tungsten carbide molds in Sanchong District, New Taipei City by its Chairman, Lin Kuo-cheng, and during that time when he was deeply involved in various industries, he realized that the quality of tungsten steel is crucial to the manufacturing industry. Therefore, the pursuit of excellent tungsten steel quality and customization of high-grade tungsten steel for various industries has become the corporate mission of Taiwanalloy.

History of Taiwanalloy
In 1998, started production of raw materials for tungsten carbide.
In 2003, introduced foreign production technology and high-tech equipment.
In 2005, opened an office in Kangshan, Kaohsiung .
In 2008, set up a Xiamen-based company to engage in sales business in China.
In 2012, established a new tungsten carbide raw material batching plant.
In 2015, set up a Kaohsiung-based tungsten carbide material manufacturing enterprise, the first in southern Taiwan.
In 2017, founded a R&D department for an industry-academia collaboration program.
In 2018, introduced the ERP system.
In 2019, passed ISO9001-2015 international quality certification.

The automatic production line was established in 2020.

Obtained D-U-N-S® Registered™ third-party enterprise certification in 2021.

Won TTQS Talent Quality-management System - Bronze Award in 2022.

Founded by a young and energetic team of professionals who not only focus on R&D and innovation, but also on the unique and diverse needs of each customer, Taiwanalloy always strives for "no best, only better" and produces high quality tungsten steel that exceeds customers' expectations.
Looking forward to the future, we hope that Taiwanalloy, a local brand with 100% Taiwan-made products, will not only continue its research, development and innovation, but also upgrade its technology to become a dazzling star in the world tungsten steel industry, thereby showcasing to the world the achievements of Taiwan's industrial technology and creating a brighter future for the nation's industrial sector.



Material Quality Assurance

Selecting reputable and qualified suppliers that adhere to the strictest quality standards

Regular internal and external double inspection of both the factory and the American laboratory.

Production Quality Assurance

The factory has a variety of professional facilities and equipment for the electronics industry.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified

Persistent in achieving continuous improvement and innovation through constant research and development

Customization capability

Allocation flexibility

Ensuring fast and efficient product delivery while meeting different needs

Minimized lead time for various designs or products

Automation settings

Reducing human error and lack of personnel, maintaining product stability

Product inspection SOP

The product has undergone seven major tests

Cobalt content



Flexural strength


Fracture toughness

 Carbon content

On-time delivery

Worldwide warehousing facilities

Establishment of an advanced logistics management system

24 hours flexible production

Domestic and foreign patents

Patent for alloy punches

Patent for multi-layer bit dies

Patent for Multi-layer screw and nut dies.

Corporate Features

Specializing in the tungsten carbide field for 40 years, our company has rich production experience, sound and flexible production capacity, round-the-clock operation mode, thereby meeting small-volume orders and various customization requests, and furnishing customers with prompt and precise service. With complete inspection facilities and meticulous and precise SOP workflow, we have complete control over quality stability.


Social welfare.

Earnest in promoting public welfare, donating supplies generously, and bringing benefits to the vulnerable groups.

Promoting common social services and spreading love and care.

Create a warm and loving society.

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